“Love is a state that I would like to exist in continuously.” - Nick Cave

Since I remember I wanted to be a journalist and after only a week at university I knew I am too sensitive for it but I pulled through it, moved to Dublin and finished a master in Creative Documentary. My life is led by emotions, that is why I love what I do and pour my soul into it. Wedding films merge my passion for documentaries with real emotions.

I am a hopeless romantic that is so easily dragged into love stories either in books or films. There's nothing that keeps my attention as a strong emotional story does. Most of the things I like happen to be kinda out of date, so I'd say I have a vintage soul. My dream is to travel the world and capture the magnificent diversity of cultures we are surrounded with. I am in love with South America, the warmness of people and richness of culture there.

Random things that make me incredibly happy: love, art (in any form), documentary films, animals, remote places, long talks, trees, books, music, South America, trains, Dublin, cinema, Lebanese cuisine, movie nights, mountains and glaciers, Buenos Aires, vinyls, the feeling of the unknown, concerts, road trips, cooking, kids and old people, plants and pyjamas.